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Wood Maps for the Adventurous Ones | Prescott, AZ

We all have that person in our lives who is forever on the go; if you can’t think of one, guess what- it’s likely you.

This one goes out to those who always seem to be everywhere and nowhere at all. We designed wooden maps for the van dwellers in your life to prop up behind their mini kitchen spout. Just kidding- they could hang it on the wall too.

While these aren’t exclusive to those living alternative lifestyles, our sustainable, hand-made wooden maps are a great gift to the people we share our adventures with and those who wander alone. Each map is made right here in our hometown of Prescott, Arizona, is customizable, and comes with wood pins to mark the remarkable. The person who enjoys their wood map will be reminded of you as they venture on with personalized elements and their board fills.

Our maps are sanded to prevent splinters and sealed in a matte finish allowing them to withstand whatever happens along the way. Commercially produced maps lack the authentic feel of our handmade, unique-to-you adventure maps.

Allow the continual excitement and thrill of the future to fuel the next expedition in the life of someone you know today. Visit our store at to view our gallery of wood maps.

Are you loving your map? Tag us on Instagram @SylvanCreekDesigns to share where exploration takes you for a chance to be reposted!

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