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Sustainable Herb Markers Update Your Garden Aesthetic | Prescott, AZ

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about planting out your herbs for fresh picks all season long! At Sylvan Creek, our mission is to create sustainable home decor and accessories, so this year, we turned to our garden for inspiration. Just in time for the plating season, Herb Markers by Sylvan Creek are a sustainable alternative to plastic tags.

The tried-and-true plastic garden tags, while commonly reusable, still contribute to our planet’s plastics issue. They also often require the use of harsh chemicals to remove the permanent marker used to label the tag for that year’s crop. These and other plastics once recycled or tossed in a bin still end up in our landfills. Why? Many waste disposal companies take their plastics and grind them into micro plastics and put into the same landfill as your couch. Grinding them makes them smaller, thus saving space in the landfill for items that cannot be compressed or broken down. Over time, these plastics are exposed to humidity and heat that cause them to seep into the ground and eventually into the watersheds we drink from, clean with and bathe in.

Of course, this is not proper recycling, but all too often corporations find ways to sidestep the rules. This year, we were inspired to create these markers made out of local, sustainably sourced wood and engraved with calligraphy to give an elevated look to your garden. Available in sets of 12, and coated in a matte finish, these adorable markers can be utilized year after year.

Whether you use them in your own space, or gift them to a friend, our garden markers are a classy, sustainable and small business friendly alternative to plastics. We believe big impacts start with small changes and replacing plastic tags with our wooden garden markers are an easy step towards real change.

To learn more about our garden markers, or view our other decor signs and tags, visit our online shop at today!

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