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Flight Boards by Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

What is more fun than gathering your adult friends for a little get-together around food and beverage? When guests arrive to a well curated event featuring take-home flight boards, it elevates the occasion and allows your friends to take the memories home.

Here are some ways to enjoy our tasting boards

Blind Tastings.

One of the best ways to connect and enjoy an afternoon with friends is to have a blind tasting event. Concealing the label, each guest brings a beverage of choice. Guests are seated in a circle, equipped with a board and taste samples poured into each glass. Starting with the first sample, guests try the beverage and attempt to guess the name or who brought it to the party. Blind tastings are a great way to laugh and mingle with friends.


Everyone has that friend or couple in a group who love to entertain! When that person invites you over, show your appreciation with a tasting board by Sylvan Creek Designs. Our boards are made from upcycled wood from local businesses and can be customized for your recipient. If you are lucky, they may just pour you a few samples to try from their collection.

Pop-Up Events.

Pop-up food and beverage events are a great way to promote your business and interest clients. Allow your business to stand out by offering onlookers a sample of goodness with a polished aesthetic with a tasting board from Sylvan Creek.

Great for beer and wine tasting events, restaurants and gifts, flight boards by Sylvan Creek Designs are sure to enhance any occasion.

To learn more about our flight boards, visit our shop at today!

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