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Introducing Message Plaques for Any Occasion | Prescott, AZ

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

The team at Sylvan Creek Designs is proud to introduce a new take on the traditional greeting card with the latest addition to our shop! Our designers created message plaques with the idea that well wishes last beyond the celebration and that your greeting card should too. Inspired by family and grounded in sustainability, we are proud to introduce Message Plaques to Sylvan Creek Designs.

How do you personalize a plaque for any occasion?

1. Choose or provide a design

Our designers have curated several occasion-specific and non-specific designs for you to choose from, but you can also share your own!

2. Write your message

We will take your well wishes and transfer them onto your plaque, allowing well wishes to be unique to you.

3. Make their day

When you receive the plaque, simply place it along with your gift to make someone’s day and allow your thoughts to last.

Why choose a Sylvan Creek Message Plaque?


Our plaques are made from excess wood from local businesses around the Prescott area; upcycling these materials keep them out of landfills. They also forego the plastic envelope linings, glue sealant and excess paper waste of the traditional greeting card, making them kinder to our Earth.

Unique To You.

We are here to help guide your design aesthetic, but the thoughts you share will be all your own. Fully customizable, we coordinate with you to ensure that no matter the occasion, your well wishes will last.

No more sealing cards with glue, plastic envelope linings or waste. When you give a gift with a Sylvan Creek message plaque, you do more than allow your thoughts to last, you contribute to the upcycling efforts of a small businesses.

To view plaque designs and learn how you can make your thoughts last, visit our website today!


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