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Custom Designs

We are always honored to be able to create custom designs for our clients.  This can include anything from business signs, toys, memorial plaques and anything that adds a personal touch for business or personal use.


If you have a custom piece you would like to have made or engraved, feel free to contact us for a quote

Stiles sign large final copy.jpg

Stiles Salon

Stiles Salon wanted to create a refill bar for their shampoo and conditioner.  We created a 24" tall sign and individual round plaques for each of the bottles.  We also created individual QR code plaques so clients could scan and pay.

A Beautiful Memorial

Our client wanted us to create a beautiful memorial name plaque for her husband.  She supplied us with a unique piece of wood from her husbands collection and we brought her vision to reality with

her lasered design.

Daryl sign large final copy.jpg
Arizona board2 copy.jpg

Custom Cutting Boards

Let us create your vision!

We can design custom shape cutting or charcuterie boards.  

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