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Warm Your Home with Custom Wood Tags | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

At Sylvan Creek, we believe that your home should reflect you. The décor you choose to outfit your home rounds out the experience one has when entering a room. Sylvan Creek Designs has hand crafted wood tag signs that bring that extra bit of character to any space. We have a small team of dedicated craftsmen and designers who collaborate to bring you pieces that add an extra touch.

It would be incredible to have a designer walk into your home and share with you their secret sauce to the perfect home décor, right? Well, for most of us, that just won’t be an option, and while that might be appealing, there are several reasons why incorporating décor pieces that reflect who you are, matters.

Personality – Do you love a quirky wallpaper? Are your cats running along the walls on custom-built catwalks from room to room? How we incorporate our décor into a space shares a lot about our personality. For instance, that quirky wallpaper may say “I like the 50’s” or “I think this is a fun pop of color!” Either way, décor is a great way to let your personality shine.

Style – Whether you are a new homeowner or dwell in a family home passed through generations, the ways you decide to outfit each space, speaks to who you are. Maybe you love color and love the way your deep blue cabinets enhance the copper countertop. Or maybe you are in a mountain setting and allow the inside of your home to enhance the natural beauty around you. Either way, these seemingly subtle means of creating a space shows off your style.

Values – Home décor can also reflect our values. Be it your favorite religious verse or photos of the family, someone can learn a lot about you form the details.

Any interior decorator can create a beautiful space, but only you can make it uniquely yours.

While we prefabricate some of our favorite pieces, our team is happy to collaborate with you, allowing a space to really be yours. Visit our website at www.sylvancreekdesigns today to see the pieces we offer, or to inquire about custom pieces.

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