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How to Care for Your Wood Cutting Boards “Do’s” and “Dont's” | Prescott, AZ

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

When taken care of, wooden cutting boards can be a gorgeous and functional addition to your kitchen. Yet, board maintenance is a common reason why they are overlooked as a practical option. We have come up with some of our best do’s and don’ts that keep your board lasting and looking great without making it a chore.

Cleaning & Care Do’s

Do wash your board by hand

Harsh chemicals and hot water can warp your board

Do use liquid dish soap after every use

Do wipe it dry then allow it to air-dry

Do sanitize with white vinegar after preparing raw meat

Then wash as normal

Do condition your board

It will keep it healthy and sealed

Cleaning & Care Don’ts

Don’t soak your board (or wooden utensils)

This will cause them to warp and crack

Don’t use harsh concentrated cleaners

Don’t continue use of your board if it splits

The moisture and food particles will foster bacteria

Don’t use cooking oil to condition your board

Once your board has been cleaned and dried properly and completely, it’s time to condition it! You have several options when it comes to conditioner; mineral oil, mineral cream, beeswax and plant-based oils. A good rule of thumb is to condition your board (and spoons) every three months; more if used frequently.

What you choose to condition your board with is up to you, but here is how we like to go about it:

In the center of the board, pour or place a quarter-sized amount of oil or cream. In small circles, rub the conditioner all over the board, including the edges. Don’t hesitate to add a little more oil if needed, the board can handle it. When finished, prop the board pacing up overnight to allow the oil to absorb.

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