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Adventure Charcuterie Boards | Prescott, AZ

We are excited to offer our Adventure Charcuterie boards for your next trip or camper! These slender, lightweight boards have been tested, and hand crafted to ensure proper quality and care. We coat them with three layers of food safe mineral oil and conditioner so they are ready upon arrival.

The Sylvan Creek team is full of adventurers of all kinds, that’s what make these boards stand out among the rest. Our team took care to consider the dimensions and elements of a charcuterie board that could go the distance with you. We believe to have found the perfect balance between functionality and size, and think you will too.

Each board comes with a white porcelain bowl for nuts or spreads, and can be customized with a design of your choice. They make great additions to a gift basket, house warming gift or camper setup! The best part is that these boards are low maintenance; just wipe off crumbs with a wet towel and condition every couple uses.

To learn more about our charcuterie boards, visit our online shop at today!

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