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Natural Wood Gifts & Designs | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

In an ever-increasingly globalized world, plastic has intercepted just about every facet of our lives. From our running shoes and office supplies to children’s toys and even books, the bounty of our natural world is being lost from our homes. While we don’t need to seek out the Amish to build our homes and furniture, there are ways to give our environment a break and your home a refresh with natural wood accents.

Here are some reasons why we support going natural with your next gift or décor purchase:

Style – A home is as unique as those who live within it. If the style of your home reads more “cabin” than “Ikea” then it may be time to ditch the Amazon’s best seller list for something more personal. Incorporating natural wood to your décor can add that extra touch to your space and any gift you may send.

Texture & Shape – Inspired by and gifted from nature, bringing home a handmade wood décor piece means that no two will be quite the same as everything, from the wood itself to the craftsmanship has been fine-tuned to each item. This gives a unique flare to what has increasingly become a prefabricated, one-size-fits-most world of décor.

Supporting Local – A lot of the time, items that are crafted to emphasize the natural features of the material they are crafted from, are made by local artisans. Not only does buying something natural look good on your desk or shelf, but you can also feel good knowing its supporting the craft of an inspired creative.

Incorporating natural wood into your home or gifting it to another will inspire a sense of warmth and thoughtfulness. It is a sustainable, original and unique way to break away from the “norms” of modern décor. Bringing it back from the straight lines and angles of a clean modern look, natural wood gifts and décor provide that lived-in feel to any space.

To view the natural wood items available in our shop, visit us at today!


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