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Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

Oh, stocking stuffers – they seem to come with their own list of requirements, don’t they? No bigger than the mouth of the stocking, not too heavy as to pull the hanger off the mantle but interesting enough to be worthy of the recipient. When you really consider it, its kind of amazing we get as much in these socks as we do!

If your stocking stuffer ideas have run thin, been on repeat for years or are just not holding up with the interests of the recipient we have an idea for you!

Our perpetual and countdown wood block calendars are perfect for this year’s roundup of stocking stuffers! Available in a variety of colors and completely customizable with phrases or names, our calendars will jazz up any stocking!

These calendars are truly the cherry on top of great home or office décor. Why? Each hand-crafted calendar can be tailored to accentuate the personality of the recipient and their space. When accented with pieces from around the home, these perfectly sized, unique pieces are both functional and aesthetic. Perfect for the practical ones in our lives.

Ready to spice up your stuffers this Christmas? Visit our online store at to get yours before the holiday rush!


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