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Should You Use Reclaimed Wood for Furniture? | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

Furniture literally furnishes our lives and yet, we tend to pay little attention to the important role each piece plays. The kitchen table is where we learn about and relate to one another, desks allow a sanctuary for productivity and dressers conceal our chaotic sock collections. Despite their importance, it tends to be when a piece is missing, or when we seek to refresh a space, that furniture garners the attention it deserves.

When updating a space, refreshing worn out furniture or considering a new piece, reclaimed furniture may not be the first option you think of – but it could be.

Typically, the number one consideration for furniture is “will this piece be a functional addition or replacement for my space?” Generally, this question need not be asked, as most pieces on the market are designed to function. The second question tends towards design “will this piece aesthetically compliment or serve to enhance my space?”

Furniture that utilizes reclaimed wood may not immediately illicit the same confidence a piece from Ikea would, right? When we think about reclaimed anything the idea that its inherently damaged is fair; if we are going to spend our time and money on something, it should meet our most basic standards.

Here are some reasons why, when considering a furniture change, we should keep reclaimed pieces in mind.

Durability. It seems counter-intuitive, but reclaimed wood is more durable than new wood pieces. Why? This wood has been lying low for decades, allowing it to have become naturally stronger and climate resistant over time.

Aesthetic. Adding a reclaimed furniture piece, such as a desk or dining table makes an impact. The wood has a natural variance in color, and when pieced together to create a piece of furniture, it creates a completely unique experience.

Impact. Whether you are creating a custom piece from reclaimed lumber or are thrifting for one, inviting reclaimed wood furniture into your home keeps it out of landfills!

Want to start incorporating reclaimed wood furniture into your home but don’t know where to start? Visit our shop to view our selection of reclaimed wood pieces brought to you by the local artisans at Sylvan Creek today!

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