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Sylvan Creek Loves Downtown Dog Rescue | Prescott, AZ

Sylvan Creek Designs stands for three important causes: our community, the environment, and giving back. Over the last year, Sylvan Creek Designs has gone from ideating concepts in a little wood shop, to being able to share our success with the causes we believe in. We are so proud to announce our support of the Downtown Dog Rescue through our line of pet-inspired items.

“When my husband and I started Sylvan Creek Designs, we were excited about the opportunity to give to the causes that touch our hearts. We are proud to announce that our line of dog-inspired products help support of the Downtown Dog Rescue. For every piece sold, we give a portion of the proceeds back to this long-standing shelter that provides incredible care to animals in need.”

- Shelly Rager, Founder

Since 1996 the Downtown Dog Rescue has been committed to saving the lives of animals, and supporting the low income pet owners that walk through their doors every day. Their program provides “ongoing services, not limited to veterinary care, for low income families who live in South East and South Central areas of Los Angeles.” They assist 7,000 animals annually by providing free spay and neuter services to cats and dogs, preventing them from entering the South Los Angeles Shelter and by serving 3,000 pet owners on Skid Row since 2016.

Michael and Shelly Rager have always been proud pet parents to shelter animals. Sylvan Creek Designs is proud to advocate for animals in need, and the organizations that work to support them. When you purchase our sustainable, personalized, 2-D name plate leash and harness hooks, you support the continuing effort of this incredible organization in turn.

If you would like to donate to the cause directly, visit their donation page here.

Thank you for your support of our local small business and the lives of our furry friends in turn. To view our line of pet inspired products, visit our shop at

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