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Farmhouse Style Home Accessories | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

There has been a cultural shift recently towards the notion of getting back to our roots. For many in home and interior design, this means the farmhouse and cabin aesthetics have become a focal point. With good reason, too, as the modern farmhouse is inviting, cozy, bright and filled with wood accents to bring in warmth, depth, and the idea of family.

Sylvan Creek is based in Prescott, Arizona where the historical cowboy vibe of the area has met the modern homeowner. Our team has seen a rise in farmhouse chic aesthetic pieces not just in the nation, but in the homes of our neighbors seeking to modernize the southwest. All of the accessories offered by Sylvan Creek are designed and handmade individually by our creative team.

Some of our favorite pieces that will enhance the farmhouse aesthetic in any home are our wood tags and artwork. These pieces are created with reclaimed or distressed wood and finished with hand painted signage or flowers that give that lived-in feel. If you have a space that is in need of something special, our range of décor accessories is sure to offer something to fit your needs.

Sylvan Creek saw this surge in desire for the farmhouse aesthetic and expanded our products to a line that is sure to take your décor to the next level of farmhouse chic.

To view our line of products, we invite you to visit us online at


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