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Pallet Decorating Ideas | Prescott, AZ

Decorating with pallets has become a popular way to accent a space. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and in prefab or once-loved condition, a pallet is very much a choose-your-own-adventure accessory. A benefit of using recycled pallets is that they are either cheap or free and easy to upcycle in all kinds of ways.

Live Wall. Using a pallet hung on a wall, against a wall or suspended to divide a space can be a dramatic addition to your home. To create a live wall pallet, all you need are a pallet, plants and a way to hang them. If you want to use glass instead of terracotta or quirky second-hand holders, we suggest a small to medium size with a lip that can support rope or twine to then hang off the top of the pallet at varying heights. Dynamic and interesting, it is a fun way to incorporate plants into a home.

Bed Frame. Likely one of the more recognizable ways to use pallets is as a bedframe. It takes 4 to 8 pallets to create a bedframe – 10 if you get spicy with it. Here is how to do it the Sylvan Creek way - lay 4 pallets on the floor of your bedroom in the space you would like your bed. Place your bed on top (or measure) to adjust pallet spacing and positioning. To lift your bed higher off the ground, lay the other four pallets on top of the existing ones. If you really want to make your bedframe a standout feature, consider an extra two palettes to create either a traditional headboard – or place them perpendicular on a corner of the wall for a cozier and more dramatic experience.

Upcycling wood pallets is a great way to keep them out of our landfills. The best part is that if you grow tired of your pallet, simply deconstruct it and use the wood to fuel the fire on your next adventure!

To discover more ways to decorate your home, or find that little something special for your curated space, visit our website at today!


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