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What is a Rustic Decorating Style? | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

What comes to mind when you think of a “rustic interior”? Does it make you think of animal hides and stone walls? Soft lighting and bold wood accents maybe? When I think “rustic”, three words come to mind: texture, earth & warmth.

The idea of a rustic interior has evolved from cowboy and gritty to cozy and grounded. There are a ton of ways to bring the outdoors, in – here are a few of our favorites!


A modern take on this style typically includes white or light color shades mixed with grays, blacks, and wood accents. Think of clean lines, centerpiece stone fireplace, large animal hide rug and reclaimed wood floors. In terms of modern rustic, the colors are subdued while making an impact and every cozy touch counts!

Indoor/ Outdoor

If you already live in a setting that is rugged, playing around with furniture, lighting and ways to be cozy can blur the line between home and nature. An accent wall against a window that soaks in the view, or a great patio ready to embrace you takes rustic to the next level. Warm lighting and deep wood colors work to highlight your surrounds.

Bold Accents

Wood beam ceilings, chunky furniture, stone, and fun use of color can really make your interior stand out among the rest. Mixing in navy blue cabinetry to an otherwise nature-inspired palette can enhance the warmth of a space. Another idea is to add a staggered or chunky stone accent wall or fireplace to your space. It will keep the room interesting without being cluttered.

Neutral Naturals

Natural textures and tones with a neutral palette are another way to go about your rustic transition. A cow hide rug or chairs situated around a bold wood coffee table and maybe a deep leather couch is the living room I imagine when considering “neural naturals”. This style keeps things rich and interesting with a play on texture while staying aesthetically appealing.

Want to get inspiration for your new rustic interior but don’t know where to start?

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