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Take Your Bathroom Décor Up a Notch | Prescott, AZ

So maybe your restroom isn’t necessarily the first space you consider updating; that’s okay! It’s also okay if that when you do, the master gets all the attention, leaving a powder room to wait for another day. Traditionally a space we would rather not acknowledge, there are some easy and cost-effective ways to make it feel like new without starting from scratch.

Our favorite has to be the wood accent wall. When sized right for the square footage, a wall lined with mixed or complementary-toned woods can bring a new level of interest and texture to an otherwise routine powder room. Accent walls are traditionally along one, choice wall in a space for a dramatic element.

There are a few styles to consider when adding a wood accent wall to any room, yet bathrooms are a great space to take it up a notch.

Board and Batten has resurfaced as a popular design aesthetic. Due to its elegant framing, board and batten can be paired with both modern and traditional accessories. When painted dark against an otherwise bright room, it creates a moody feel without being too dark. When kept light or white-on-white, it offers a crisp, elevated look.

If you really want to change things up, consider large slab or mosaic tile on the floors and walls with a chunky wood countertop. Carry the same or similarly toned wood into the shower to polish it off!

Open shelving serves to be more decorative than practical, but they can be an easy way to bring the wood accents around in your bathroom together. A way to go about it, if you want shelving that feels a touch more unique, is to source wood from local outlets, as the inventory may be more unique. When you find the wood that speaks to you, if it doesn’t have at least one squared-off edge, its worth it to get it cut and apply your own anchors.

Thrift stores and outlets like World Market offer decorative shelving anchors so you can get the look you really want. It’s not always more cost effective to buy the ready-made shelving on offer, and upcycling wood is great for the environment.

To learn about the ways you can take your bathroom up a notch, visit our website today!


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