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Seasonal Décor Style Guide | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

It’s that time of year again. Time to hide the year-round pillows in the closet and break out the festive fares! Decorating for the season can be enjoyed by grandparents and children alike, everyone contributing to the holiday spirit!

It’s so much more fun to decorate when you have a treasure trove of fun accents to play with! The artisans at Sylvan Creek created a couple special pieces to complement any seasonal setting. Here are some style ideas that are sure to bring the spirit of the holidays to your home.

A Pop of Color. There are several color schemes to choose from when decorating for the holidays. From the tried-and-true greens, reds and ivories to more new-school colors like ice blue and gold tones. Maybe you keep it simple with a mix of silvers and white and mix color in where appropriate?

No matter how you decorate this year, our distressed wood Christmas trees are available in a variety of colors. An adorable addition to your mantle or centerpiece, trees come in pairs so you can incorporate them wherever you see fit!

Interactive Décor. For those of us who share the holidays with children, or who are children at heart, interactive décor can spread a little magic. From nutcrackers to advent calendars, little hints like these will spread joy throughout the home.

Given as a gift, or incorporated into the festivities of the season, our countdown wood block calendars are a great way to welcome Santa. Hand painted and featuring Christmas color options, counting down the holiday has never been so in fashion.

Signage. Handmade signs have been a prominent feature of décor for years. Available in a variety of materials and sayings, signs can bring a touch of color, humor and interest to the interior or exterior of a home. Larger signs can be placed outside to vary décor height. Smaller square or rectangular signs can add a point of interest to a side table or when styled in a group.

The artisans at Sylvan Creek have designed several natural wood signs to complement your home this season. Handmade from locally sourced, natural wood, these signs are customizable to give your home that special touch.

Interested in learning more about our holiday décor pieces? Visit our shop at today!

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