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Rustic Decorating for the Holidays | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

We’re back with more tips on how you can incorporate reclaimed wood into your décor. This time, we are talking about the ways you can get in the rustic holiday spirit with pieces for your home and office! The holidays bring family together, and joy to our homes.

This year, bring the warmth and character of reclaimed wood and rustic accents into your holiday décor. With so many ways to incorporate reclaimed wood, we have some favorites to share!

Idea 1: New Spin on the Christmas Star

Have the tried-and-true angel topper or gold star gotten a little old? If you are looking for a way to incorporate a rustic feel to your décor, ornaments are a great way to spice things up. Adding a bit of warmth and intrigue, a copper or rust colored metal star at the top and similar ornaments throughout will bring it all together!

Idea 2: Reclaimed Wood Accents

Get your friends and family into the holiday spirit by incorporating the texture of reclaimed wood this year! Reclaimed wood can be used to create focal points around a room. Maybe you paint stacked layers to resemble Santa Clause by the fireplace or prop a modern tree decoration on the serving table. Little touches like these will give your décor that “lived in” feel.

Idea 3: Focal Points

Bunching a handful of pieces in a space can create a festive focal point. Try stacking chunky wood pieces in the fireplace, or tiered décor in a corner to brighten up a smaller space. Candlelight, wood accents and contrasting tones make for an eye-catching addition to your home!

When you unpack those holiday boxes this year, think about how you can switch up! Maybe ornaments get hung along the fireplace or some faux presents and reindeer create a dazzling entry way! This year, we are loving cabin shabby-chic décor and think you will too!

Looking to get rustic with your holiday décor? Check out our shop to see the festive pieces on offer from the local artisans at Sylvan Creek Designs today!


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