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Reclaimed Wood Desk Accessories | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

Reclaimed wood accessories seem to have this magic about them where they bring warmth and interest to a space. Our desks have become less and less personal; picture frames, if they linger, are the final frontier of desk accessories. When did our desks go from being the space where we view our children’s art to cluttered with plastic décor?

We love reclaimed wood and want to share a bit of what we have come to know about how this highly sought after material has made its way into our homes. Wood has been a widely popular building material since the industrial revolution quickly out pacing brick for construction.

Old growth wood started becoming increasingly rare, and sought after for its durability. Due to many factors, old growth forests are rapidly fading meaning cutting down “fresh” wood has become increasingly difficult.

The solution? Salvaging wood from buildings whose structure was originally crafted from the old growth trees. Today, reclaimed wood pieces add an artisanal touch to any space and is a great way to respect and recycle this material.

Sylvan Creek strives to bring that unique charm of our workspaces back with our line of reclaimed wood accessories. An easy swap from a store-bought calendar or pencil holder for a hand crafted, reclaimed desk accessory will make a difference in your décor and your mood.

These one of a kind pieces have been carefully considered and crafted with you in mind, because we believe your desk is more than a place where you work, it should be a reflection of your achievements.

Visit us at today to view the variety of products Sylvan Creek has to offer.


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