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Personalized Wood Calendars | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

Personalized pieces add that little something extra for a gift to another or in your home. The skilled designers and craftsmen at Sylvan Creek know you want your gift or home accessory to stand out, that is why we offer a personal touch.

When you gift a wood calendar from Sylvan Creek, you get to decide the color, what it says and even the font you would like! A unique and personal touch to a classic staple will liven any space!

The following are a few reasons why we think you will love these calendars:

1. They are not printed with the year, so they are a reusable alternative to paper calendars. Displayed on a desk or shelf, they are compact and sure to bring a pop of color and fun to the décor!

2. With the right tools, anything is possible! Our wood block calendars are entirely made by hand, and skilled artists are able to design your set however you would like!

3. These calendars are an adorable addition to an accessorized bookshelf or counter space. An interactive décor piece, its form and function that can get the whole family involved!

Interested in how a wood block calendar may complement your space? Visit our shop at today!


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