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Introducing Our New Wood Signs | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

At Sylvan Creek Designs, we are constantly curating home décor that utilizes local, reclaimed, and distressed wood to create unique pieces for any space. We are proud to announce the release of our new line of wood signs that can provide a pop of color or vintage feel to any room.

The artisans and designers at Sylvan Creek are working moms, animal lovers and art lovers; we make the products that speak to us. We have curated signs that will greet your guests with a pop of color, feature hand painted artwork and some that will even hold your coat or dog accessories! When you display a locally made, hand crafted piece of art from Sylvan Creek in your home, you are supporting the environment, small business and get to share a piece of yourself with every guest.

Be it a word that inspires creativity, a religious verse that grounds us or a decorative image, Sylvan Creek Designs has hand crafted our favorite pieces that will accentuate your home and reflect your values. Of course, if you would like to give your space an extra special touch, we offer customized designs. Our team will collaborate with you to understand your wants and create something beautiful for your space.

When you work with the artisans at Sylvan Creek, we take pride in providing you with the unique accessory that will bring your vision to life, whatever your flavor! Our wood pieces are always crafted with locally sourced wood, hand crafted by skilled woodworkers and painted with original pieces by the artist. We take pride in our pieces, and love to create unique décor for the individual, rather than attempt to fit everyone into a seasonal trend.

When you support Sylvan Creek by featuring the artwork of local, small business artisans, you are contributing to the notion that what you buy, matters. That your home deserves to be decorated in the ways that compliment who you are as an individual, rather than a “target audience”.

To learn more about our new line of wood signs, visit our website at www.sylvancreekdesigns.


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