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Distressed Wood Accent Décor | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

There are two foundational rules of home décor. The first is that accessories should be places in threes. The other is that a range of texture and color in a set palette can add a dynamic touch to a room.

How boring would our homes become if big box stores decided the range of décor colors, textures and breadth of décor we could place into our homes that are so uniquely us? It would begin to deteriorate the notion of a family home; the idea that we are all unique in the things we use to tell our stories or navigate our lives.

Distressing wood is the process of enhancing the natural wood grain to give prominence to the natural beauty of a given object. This can be done in a variety of ways, here are some of the most popular ways interior design studios and DIY champions add character to their home accessories.

  1. Rough it up – taking a wire brush or hammer to the wood will serve to enhance the grain or create indentions to five new wood pieces a lived-in feel.

  2. Dry Brushing – many DIYers will take a dry paintbrush and dip the end of it into their desired paint color and lightly brush it across the wood to give a weathered look.

  3. Paint & Scrape – a mix of each method, one can paint their wood piece and take a scrapper to the fresh coat in random places to distress the piece.

When the craftsmen and designers at Sylvan Creek considered expanding the range of pieces they offered, they decided to bring an elegance to distressed wood accent décor.

The designers at Sylvan Creek Designs wanted to provide an opportunity to reclaim the spaces we live in and one again fill them with décor that enhances the aesthetic of our lives.

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