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Combining Natural Wood and Stone Accents | Prescott, AZ

Integrating natural materials in our décor can keep our homes feeling cozy and inviting. From wood and stone features to knitted blankets and leather accents, the use of contrasting elements can be a fun twist for you interior.

There are so many ways to incorporate wood and stone together in a space to bring warmth, texture, and contrast to what may otherwise be a beautiful but less-than-dynamic room. We came up with some of our favorite contemporary combinations for you to consider during your next re-design.

Kitchen. The kitchen is arguable the most intuitive space to bring these elements together. Outfitted with cabinetry and need for viable cooking space, the options are as unlimited as your imagination. If you are into moody chic, you may opt for a dark stone like Slate for the floor and a butcherblock island; cabinetry to match. If bright spaces fit your flare, you may opt for marble countertops featuring white cabinetry and a splash of color on the walls.

Bathroom. Our bathrooms tend to be our sacred spaces; the one room in the house that gets an extra splurge. Whether you are considering a total re-design, or just trying to jazz things up, we have ideas for you! First of course, consider what you have and how you would like to spice it up. Have a clean but boring color scheme? Adding dark wood accents in the shower or on the countertop will warm the space. If you’re rocking a teak shower and iron accents, white subway tiles will add a bit of light and texture while keeping the space calm.

Office. Our home or corporate office spaces are areas we spend a lot of time. We should feel an inviting atmosphere in these rooms, whatever that may mean to you and the type of work being done. While a home office is more customizable, there are still plenty of ways to have fun with your corporate space. Consider your space. Does it have texture, a color scheme? How does it make you feel and how could it be better? Need to brighten things up? We suggest raw stone desk accessories. Feeling like your home office tile makes the room feel cold? Incorporating a dark wood desk, shelving and new rug will go a long way.

Need more inspiration for your next room or re-deign? Visit our website to shop our locally sourced, handmade wood décor for your home today.


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