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Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood | Sylvan Creek Designs | Prescott, AZ

Reclaimed wood versus new – what is the difference? Well, there are a few notable differences that may make the difference in your home décor decisions. To start, reclaimed wood tends to be denser, making it a durable option for your home’s flooring or if you are crafting a table. Reclaimed wood also has a lot of character, making it versatile; home décor accessories are immediately elevated when made from this reusable material.

Entertain for a moment the notion that this material is reusable, notice how we didn’t call it recyclable? While it may seem like semantics, there is a difference between the two. Reclaimed wood is carefully removed from the demolition site to be utilized in a different fashion as is. Recycled wood has been repurposed into a new material; adjusted as needed to become something else.

Deforestation is a huge issue for the modern world. Our “need” for wood has become a two-fold issue. On one hand, we cut trees and utilize wood for a variety of purposes, everything from paper to the structure of our homes; it has become essential to the modern human to have access to products made of wood. On the other, this mass destruction of our forests and realization of the scale to which we have depleted this natural resource is what has sparked the upcycle revolution.

When we decided to utilize local, reclaimed wood for our décor products, we did so for the environment. Not only does the reclaimed wood give our products a special character, we help local businesses by allowing them to share their unclaimed pieces with us, rather than paying a premium to dispose of it.

We can all recognize the importance of trees; they feed and shelter wildlife of all kinds, provide oxygen, recycle carbon dioxide and are, of course, gorgeous. When we make the decision to buy reclaimed wood for our homes, we are voting for what we believe in.

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